Hypercube Approach


In hypercube approach with each knot diagram one associates a hypercube of its resolutions. At hypercube vertices stand graded spaces with certain quantum dimensions (which can be negative for virtual knots). Hypercube edges correspond to flips between resolutions at particular vertices of the knot diagram, and to cut-and-join morphisms between spaces at hypercube vertices. If morphisms are commuting, Abelian quiver can be associated with the hypercube. HOMFLY polynomials are made from quantum (q-graded) dimensions of spaces at hypercube. Khovanov-Rozansky and superpolynomials - from q-graded dimensions of cohomologies of the Abelian complex. Explicit construction of commuting morphisms is known for N=2 (Jones polynomials) and is conjectured for arbitrary N.

Program for dimension calculation from recursion